Preventing Sorcery Accusation Related Violence Workshop conducted at Melanesian Institute from the 16th to 18th October 2018. The workshop was facilitated by the following Government agencies: Department of Justice & Attorney General, Consultative Implementation Monitoring Council, National Research Institute and the Office Of The Public Prosecutor.

Beyond the "Back yard and Border"

With a modest legacy of nearly half a century of reputable services to the missions, the Melanesian Institute(MI) is starting to feel unsettled with the ‘comfort zone’ of the church backyards or the ‘complacent confinement’ in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Promptings have become clearer recently to go beyond the status quo within the ‘backyard and the border’ amidst resource constraints. Before year 2017 came to conclusion, brief successive fieldworks were initially conducted beyond the PNG borders, particularly in Honiara, Guadalcanal Island (November 19 to December 6) and in Jayapura, West Papua (December 9 to 15). Such emerging options to cross the PNG borders, starting with next border neighbours, pose the strategic direction MI is pursuing to become regionally ‘Melanesian’ as the institutional name claims (see Catalyst 47.2 & 48.1 for more information).

Multi-stakeholder network building (MI-CPPCO-C4D/DFAT) meeting in POM (18/12/2017)

Fedaration of Catholic Religious Superious

The joint Annual meeting of the Fedaration of Religious Seperious, serving local communities in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, held at Alexishaffen conference center in Madang Province, March 11 - 16, 2018. The Melanesian Institute was invited to brief this important forum about the on going and new main services of the institute, the benefits and how can the Missionary Societies benefit from these services.