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Occasional Papers, are booklets containing one set issue and are much smaller than the Point and only come out when material is available or if there is a need for it to be published.


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No. 16 – West Papuan Refugees in Papua New Guinea
Published: 2014
Editor: Franco Zocca
Title: West Papua Refugees in Papua New Guinea - A cultural and Human Rights Issue
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 1.40MB

The content of this Occasional Paper is based on the author's personal experience wit the asylum seekers from the Indonesian Territory of West Papua, who are now settled in Papua New Guinea.


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No. 15 – Disability Symposium White Paper
Published: 2014
Editor: Nick Schwarz
Title: The Callan Services in PNG and Melanesian Institute Disability Symposium White Paper – A Guide to future disability-related research in PNG.
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 2.10MB

This white paper is published to communicate the results of the symposium discussions in a manner that is useful to those who wish to conduct research in the area of disability in Papua New Guinea. It is designed to be a working document; one that stakeholders can use and change or add to as they address research questions and as new questions emerge.


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No. 14 - Thinking Critically about Sorcery and Witchcraft

Published: 2011
Versions: English and Tok Pisin
Editor: Nick Schwarz
Title: Thinking Critically About Sorcery and Witchcraft/Kliaim Tingting Long Posin Na Sanguma
Format: PDF (Book)
Size: 1.3MB (English) | 998KB (Tok Pisin)
USD$10Occasional Papers No. 14 - (Tok Pisin Version) Kliam Tingting long Posin na SangumaOccasional Papers No. 14 - Thinking Critically about Sorcery and Witchcraft

This handbook is the English version of a two-piece dissemination from a five year research project into sorcery and witchcraft in PNG carried out by the Melanesian Institute from 2003 to 2007.
This book attempts to bringt to light the increasing problems associated with the accusations of sorcery and witchcraft, witch hunts, trials, torture, and brutal killings in PNG.

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No. 13 - Bountiful Harvest: The Churches in Papua New Guinea

Published: 2007
Author: Philip Gibbs
Title: Bountiful Harvest: The Churches in Papua New GuineaOccasional Papers No. 13 - Bountiful Harvest: The Churches in Papua New Guinea
Format: PDF (Book)
USD$: 10

This book aims to shed light on the present situation
of the churches and church groups in Papua New Guinea
at the beginning of the 21st century.

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No. 12 - Emergine Issues for Women and Children in Papua New Guinea

By Jeline Giris and Teresa Rynkiewich

An introduction to the experiences of women and children today, including up to date statistics health; scenarios about traditional and modern lifestyles.

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