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Head of
Publication Dept

Reverend Ugufa Podi

To submit any articles, documents, book reviews or reports for possible publication, please contact our general editor on:



The Melanesian Institute's publications.


The publication department is mostly involved in the printing, promotion and the sales of the institute’s publications. The publications we produce are Point (published annually), Catalyst (published twice a year), Occasional Papers (on specific pressing issues whenever an article is ready), Melanesian Mission Studies (Missiological studies into Melanesian Mission) and Other Relevant Articles and Books, which promote the aims and goals of MI in Pastoral, Social and Cultural issues in Melanesia.

These productions are publicised through designing and printing of our brochures, posters, staff business cards, identification cards and newsletters. We also manage the website and look after MI’s Public Relations Section.

The other things that we do include designing, layout, editing and production of MI Publications: managing subscribers’ database: sales of MI publications and extra promotional activities like putting up stalls in conferences, T Shirt sales and supplying of MI publications to other people attending conferences, seminars and our courses both within Papua New Guinea and abroad.

Currently the department consists of only two members: The Head of Department and the General Editor – Lorraine Basse and The Sales and Circulations Manager – Henry Taikeu. The Assistant Editor/Graphics designer will be joining us sometimes towards the middle of this year.

We welcome any papers, articles, reports or documents on Integral Human development, ecumenical dialogue and progress, environmental care, promotion of Melanesian cultural values and a deeper understanding and appreciation al all cultures, within the church and the society.






Point Series  


Occasional Papers  

Melanesian Mission Studies  


The Melanesian Institute has just released its latest Journal, Catalyst 47.1
Another astounding publication… concisely informative highlights the ongoing and emerging issues that are impacting the lives of ordinary Papua New Guineans today. A collection of researched articles put together by scholars in the same discipline of social sciences.
Articles include;

  • Democracy and Citizen Voice in Papua New Guinea

The perspective of a Non-Government Organisation which reflects the views of many Papua New Guineans: the observed lack of services to the ordinary Papua New Guinean in the rural regions of the country, and the seeming ineffectiveness (or reluctance?) of decentralising the power centre in Waigani (by Dr. Richard Barcham, Yanny Guman and Simon Marme). 

  • A Consultancy Report on Village Courts in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea - An empirical study on issues (challenges/problems) faced by Village Courts Officials in carrying out their duties; the reality faced at this lowest  Justice System of Papua New Guinea (by Martin Tnines).

 (Lookout for the fully documented findings of this Topic in our upcoming Point Series 41)

  • “The Word Made One with Us” - A contextualized theology at domestic/home level for Papua New Guineans (by Fr. Geovanne Bustos).